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My Blog

This site is to inform you and others what you plan for your futures. You're in the right place. If you aren't interested in God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit, then this site might still be able to help you. So read on. The book is about Armageddon, but this is the real deal, NOT like other charlatans that have come before. It is written in Revelation chapter 11:3 that two witnesses shall come in the last days to prepare for the Lord's second coming. He first came to us on earth when Mary gave birth to Him and His Life and Teachings. Well, now He is coming with the clouds like He said He would. I hope this website helps you all who want to know more. Be sure to look up the scriptures that I mention throughout the book and let it sink in enough so that you will understand. Some will understand it faster than others. Know enough during the rough times to help EACH OTHER, It's like the whole world shall be moved out of place. There will be earthquakes, floods, terrible tornadoes, monster hurricanes and so much havoc and the cities will not be able to help the other cities, because they will be in great need themselves. There is NO MOTHER NATURE. GOD does all of that 'weather'. There will be no heat, no A/C, no running water, no electricity. Keep your eyes on the East, for that is the way Jesus will return after this Armageddon. And the demons will try to fill you with fear or try to break your relationship with the Lord God. Pay no mind to them and ignore their accusations about others and God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and about yourself. NEVER give up on being with God and Jesus. All of the angels stored in the stars of the sky will come down to earth and that's the war. That's why it is written the constellations won't shine their light. You must listen to what they say the best you can. They may just speak to you and won't SEE THEM, but God Loves even when you think that He does not. He is very forgiving. But I must mention that young men, the first girl you have sex with you should marry and make a family with. Otherwise, all of these women you've had sex with is fornication And leaving babies with each girl and not taking care of your child or your woman is bad. There are too many lives at risk. Too many broken homes, marriages and how would you like being the child without a father and mother. If you don't want to start a family right away, use condoms. But have sex with one girl only. God does not like fornication, or murders, or thefts, extortionists, etc. Despite every sin, God still forgives you. Try your BEST to change your ways, and make reconciliation so that God can make you white and ready to go to heaven. But this world is worse than many of the cities destroyed by the Lord before. Find the strength and people, work as a team. Well, God Be With You As You Read,

In Praises To God and Christ, and the Holy Ghost


Phoenix, AZ


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